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About Us

The Csernozjom Kft. (Ltd.) provides our customers with a full spectrum of agricultural and environmental services in Hungary. These include nature conservation and landscape protection advisory, particularly on NATURA 2000 sites and professional agricultural advisory, especially in the fields of soil science, nutrient management and precision agriculture.

The CSERNOZJOM Bt. (LPs) - the predecessor of Csernozjom Kft. (Ltd.) - was established in 2007, for carrying out agricultural consultancy, soil conservation and nutrient management advisory activities.

Our staff is active or former professors and researchers from one of the most important Hungarian Agricultural University, Szent István University Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Gödöllő), who have substantial experience in soil science and nutrition management.

CSERNOZJOM Kft. (Ltd.) is also active in the field of nutrient management consultancy. Our know-how is based on large-scale precision arable crop  research and development results concerning domestic and international (primarily Dutch) experiences.  With the Hungarian EU accession the  conservation and the environmentally friendly maintenance of the areas with the status of Natura 2000, become to be a very important task, which is  also a straight requirement of the European Union.

If a planned investment concerning expansion of activities/construction or any other economic activity lying in a field with the status of the Natura 2000 area, the preparation of the Natura impact assessment documentation is obliged. 

CSERNOZJOM Kft. (Ltd.) is providing its full services for the preparation of impact assessment documentations concerning wild life protection and landscape/soil protection of Natura 2000 areas. CSERNOZJOM Kft. (Ltd.) operates in close collaboration with the parent company GEO SIVO Kft. (Ltd.), who provides the entire range of environmental-, civil- and water management engineering services for Hungary located projects in English, German and  Dutch languages as well.

The CSERNOZJOM Kft. (Ltd.) is a member of the Hungarian Water Environment Technology Cluster. Main activities and services, which are detailed in  the main menu:

Soil protection
Nutrient management, precision farming
Nature conservation, wild life protection , landscape and soil protection

For quotation or additional questions concerning our services please contact us

Abiotika Bt.

Abiotika Bt.

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